The Hundred of Hoo School in Rochester, Kent, teaches 1,800 pupils and recently deployed Macs across multiple subject areas.

The school has specialist status in Media Arts, as part of which it received the funding it needed to construct a new media centre, which it opened in November 2006.

The school is using Macs so effectively now, that Apple UK has invited it to become the first Regional Training Centre in Kent. Apple's network of training centres are housed in schools and higher educational institutions that have achieved a standard of excellence, and are intended to train educators in applying technology - and Apple solutions - to boost educational attainment.

John Keeley, community manager at the school told Macworld: "Vocational education and developing skills that employers really value are becoming increasingly important elements of what schools have to deliver. With Hoo's specialism in media arts, we are looking forward to working closely in the coming months with Apple UK and other enterprise partners to enhance the profile of creative industries in the area.

The school has deployed three dedicated Apple Mac suites containing 60 G5s, and a further 38 iBooks, which are used across the school for creating, editing and producing short films and teaching aids. The school makes extensive use of iMovie, iDVD and GarageBand.

The centre features a performance and exhibition space with chroma-key (blue-screen) technology, a TV studio and editing suite, and a state-of-the-art music studio with full production facilities.

Hundred of Hoo School applied for the media arts specialism to enhance its vocational focus, with the related aim to enhance teaching and learning across the school through the employment of new media technologies in all subject areas.

One project currently underway at the school involves the use of iStop animation software by Year 8 science students, who are producing an animation of the human digestive system.

In another project, GCSE media students are working with partnering primary schools to film, edit and produce DVD prospectuses giving information from the children's perspective.

The school's students have also built a website that links all the far-spread villages on the Hoo peninsula, and offers training and support in web design for community members. Primary school kids from partner schools can visit Hundred of Hoo School on Saturday morning's to take part in the Children's University, where they can take part in film-making, animation and music-production projects.

Keeley observes: "The specialist skills that our work with Apple products has enabled both staff and students to develop, has been of real benefit to teaching and learning in the school. We hope to build on this work to create truly innovative and challenging curricula for our students, our partner schools, and the community groups with which we are working."