The Daft Punk album has had more than enough publicity of late, it would be pretty difficult to have missed ‘Get Lucky’ that song has had so much air time, along with the huge advertising campaign for the Random Access Memories, and the superb marketing around the launch. 

If like so many you have bought the album you may have found yourself skipping through the first couple of minutes of Giorgio by Moroder. Ok it’s a travesty, it’s against what the musicians would want, etc. But we don’t need to listen to the story every time that we want to listen to that track, it’s a good track, we want to be able to enjoy it on repeat... 

Like us, you may be asking... 

"How can you remove the first 2 minutes of Giorgio by Moroder?"

It’s easy. Start by estabilishing where you want the track to start playing (we set on 1:51, but you may want to pick a different moment). Now right click on the track name in iTunes so you get a menu up, with options such as Pause, Play Next, and Get Info.

Click Get Info. 

Next go to the Options tab. Here you can set the Start Time. You can also set up a specific equalizer, and rate the track. 

Having made this change on the track on iTunes on our Mac we wondered what would happen when we played it on our iPhone. As if by magic (it’s true, iTunes Match is magic) the track was set to play at 1:51. 

Giorgio Morder is the writer and producer behind Donna Summer’s 'I Feel Love' and Blondie's 'Call Me' so we strongly recommend that you do listen to him relate his experiences and musical inspirations - but you just might want to get lost in the music without the audio book getting in the way, and if you do, then now you can.