Steve Jobs would lease a new car every six months so he didn't have to attach a license plate to it, exploiting a loophole in Californian law.

IT Wire reports that Jon Callas, CTO of Entrust and a former Apple exec claims Jobs drove without a license plate on his car in order to be different - presumably it would have helped him avoid the attention of the press as well.

Californian law states that owners of brand new cars have six months to fix a license plate to the car, so Jobs would lease a brand new Mercedes SL55 AMG and swap it for another identical, brand new model every six months.

Reports of Jobs' car not having a license plate had circulated for some time and there were several theories on why this was, with some believing that he had a permit to do so and others claiming that he'd happily pay any fine should he be stopped by police.

Jobs was also reported to have a habit of parking his car sideways in disabled parking spaces.