The Apple v Samsung case isn’t the only patent dispute going on at the moment.

HTC has withdrawn a patent from its complaint against Apple – Patent No 7,76,414 describes a a "circuit and operating method for integrated interface of PDA and wireless communication system," according to AppleInsider. 

Now it is only disputing two allegedly standard essential patents. Originally eight patents were at stake.

Back in May, Apple succeeded in stopping the HTC One X and Evo 4G LTE smartphones being shipped into the US, with reports emerging that the devices are being held back at customs. Late last year, the ITC found that HTC was infringing an Apple patent and issued an injunction against the importation of offending HTC products. The technology enables users to click on a phone number in an email or other application to make a phone call.

Back in February, the US International Trade Commission issued a determination that Apple doesn't infringe certain HTC patents. That ruling was made on a complaint that HTC filed with the ITC following a complaint lodged by Apple last year. HTC had accused Apple of selling products that violate its patents relating to power management methods and phone number directories.

Apple originally accused HTC of infringing 20 patents and filed a so-called Section 337 complaint, which alleged unfair importation practices. Apple claimed several of those same patents in a suit against Nokia, which the companies ultimately settled out of court. The case was the first of several in which Apple has attacked makers of devices using Google's Android OS.

The set of claims was reduced over time, and in September 2012 the ITC's ruling Commission reviewed the final decision by an administrative law judge. The Commission found that HTC had violated the law with two products that infringed claims 1 or 8 of U.S. Patent 5,946,647, "System and Method for Performing an Action on a Structure in Computer-Generated Data."

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