Mobile phone firm HTC said new displays using Super LCD (SLCD) display technology, which will be used in a variety of HTC phones later this summer, would offer high performance with enhanced power efficiency.

HTC chief executive officer, Peter Chou, said: "[That] SLCD would also be used on the flagship devices such as HTC Desire and Nexus One and would bring exceptional natural balanced colour, clear contrast, broad viewing angles, and improved power efficiency."

"The SLCD displays provide consumers with a comparable visual experience to HTC's current 3.7 inch displays with some additional benefits including battery performance," said Chou.

HTC is listed on the Taiwan Stock Exchange and produces smartphones powered by various operating systems such as Android, and Windows.

Meet high demand

"HTC is experiencing high demand for many of our phones, specifically our phones with 3.7 inch displays," said Chou, adding that the change has been made because suppliers of AMOLED display technology, which is currently in use, cannot keep up with market demand for phones such as HTC Desire.

"In addition, the new SLCD display technology enables us to ramp up our production capabilities quickly to meet the high demand," he said.

He said SLCD is the latest generation of LCD technology that offered improved performance from earlier LCD panels including about five times better power management. "SLCDs also offer an enhanced viewing experience with wider viewing angles that are enabled by Sony's new proprietary VSPEC III technology."