Although the Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) has said its catch-up TV service, iView, will be available on Android by the end of 2013, Huawei Devices is urging the broadcaster to drop its tech bias and accelerate the process.

In early July, ABC's multi-platform controller, Arul Baskaran, said the delay of iView on Android is a result of "distribution and content requirements," but the platform remains a high priority on the company's agenda.

Regardless, Huawei's corporate affairs director, Jeremy Mitchell, said, "Like many Australian Android users, I have been hearing 'the Android iView app is coming' for far too long."

"Despite the claims of the ABC, there has been no real evidence that there is any desire to fill this blatant gap. It feels like Godot will arrive before the iView app gets here on Android."

Mitchell added, "Is the ABC the Apple Broadcast Corporation or the Anti-droid Broadcast Corporation? Looking at the evidence, they both fit so well."

Huawei said ABC admitted demand for its Android news app has grown by 360 per cent over the past year, and despite receiving a $30 million in taxpayer funds to strengthen its online service delivery, the broadcaster "has been dragging its heels" in bringing iView to the Play Store.

Mitchell claims this symbolises ABC's favouring of one company's products, and is adamant it resembles a public policy issue.

iView has been available for Apple's iOS platform since 2010.\