Food and drink apps now have their own category. On Thursday, people began noticing that the new category for Food & Drink is live in the iOS App store.

Looking at the app store, we found that the category currently has 2798 paid iPhone apps, 3839 free iPhone apps, 1112 paid iPad apps and 1017 free iPad apps. These apps don’t include diet, grocery shopping, coupon clipping and food-related game apps, says MacStories. However don’t be disheartened by that news, because the apps that are included in the category range from the ‘Drinking Games’ app to ‘Jamie’s Recipes’.

This isn’t the first change we’ve been seeing Apple make. Recently, Apple has been slowly improving the quality of the App Store. It was only a month ago that we reported that Apple could finally be improving its App Store search, four months after its acquisition of app search engine Chomp. TechCrunch reports that developers have been noticing significant changes to the search algorithm in Apple’s App Stores.

Previously, Apple’s search meant that results were found through the use of key words and app names. Now, Apple’s search appears to be getting more intelligent. App categories are becoming more specific to make it that little bit more easier for an Apple user.

The app world is expanding at a fast rate, as noted by Tim Cook at the WWDC keynote. More than 650,000 apps are available in the store - and 225,000 of those are made specifically for the iPad. Apple is constantly developing the App Store and as a result, it is expanding to over 30 countries in the last month alone and becoming more available worldwide.

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