IDAPT has announced the IDAPT i4, which charges hundreds of devices, four at a time including Apple's iPod, iPhone and iPad. The makers note the i4 is the only charger of this type with a high-power iPad port.

The i4 is billed as a major upgrade on the i3, with improved design, a USB charging  port, iPad charging and LED charging indicators. The simple wire-free charger, uses robust modular tips to charge 4000 plus devices, including Apple's gadgets, along with AA batteries, PSPs, Nintendos, Sat Navs as well as numerous phones and MP3 players. New tips are being introduced on a regular basis offering some level of future proofing.

The 14 watt  i4 can charge any four devices simultaneously. Many multi-chargers do not have the power to charge more than one item at a time the company insists.

The i4 includes 1 x IDAPT i4 charging base, 6 popular charging tips for iPod/iPhone, microUSB, miniUSB, Nokia, Samsung, Sony Ericsson and mains lead.

The IDAPT i4 has a SRP of £39.99 and is available from retailers nationwide. More details can be found at