A 13-year old developer has written what he claims to be the first automated iPod touch jailbreak application.

The software - iJailbreak - unlocks the iPod touch in order that users can expand the device with additional applications created by third-party developers.

The developer, AriX , has made the iJailbreak software available for download through Google Code. The software has been tested using Mac OS X 10.4 on Intel Macs, but there's "no guarantee" yet that it will work with PowerPC Macs.

iJailbreak is licensed under the GNU General Public License v2. The only user interaction required from an iPod touch owner is to run the software, connect an iPod touch and restart that device. The software then places an installer icon on the iPod touch screen.

The software is heavily dependent on Niacin and Dre's TIFF exploit. It also makes heavy use of iPhuc, which is available here.

Users who break into an iPod touch in this way should beware lest badly-written apps slow down or break their machine. Engaging in such actions will obviate the Apple warranty.