iLuv, a division of jWIN Electronics and a licensed Apple supplier, has launched its i9200 vertical audio system with an integrated iPod dock in the UK.

The company's wall-mountable £159 stereo system will be made available immediately through online iPod peripheral vendor, iWorld.

The system offers four CD bays with transparent sliding doors alongside an iPod dock and a dual band (FM/AM) radio. The system can play MP3 as well as conventional audio CDs; it also integrates a clock and an alarm function.

The unit and speakers can either be wall-mounted or attached to the detachable stands supplied. Speakers can be positioned separately, while a separate output allows for the addition of a subwoofer. All the funtions of the unit can be invoked using the supplied remote control.
The central display on the i9200 completes the symmetrical design and shows a number of functions including clock settings, CD playback, radio station selection and iPod playback. The i9200 is available now in both black and white.

iLuv is a proud sponsor of the Macworld Awards 2007.