It appears 'Mac guy' Justin Long is still the 'Mac guy'.

Radar Online last week claimed the actor, who plays the Mac character in Apple's current series of 'Get A Mac' ads, would no longer appear in the show.

That's not the case said Long, writing on his blog.

"As for the Mac commercials, I don't know where that report came from that said I wasn't going to do anymore," he wrote. "I am literally setting my alarm right now to wake up for a Mac shoot tomorrow - if I'm not doing [it] anymore I guess I can sleep in on my day off - that'd be nice."

He added: "I'm surprised, frankly, that the campaign hasn't become tired and they've just ended it on their own. They're easy to do, I love John (the PC guy) and working with him is so effortless and fun that I definitely wouldn't rule out doing some more."