It looks like Apple's supply of the iPhone 5 is improving, just in time for Christmas.

Piper Jaffray analyst Gene Munster says that his checks of supplies at 100 Apple Stores in the US show "dramatic improvement".

"We believe that within the next two weeks that customers will be able to purchase iPhone 5s at Apple Stores same day," he wrote, according to Fortune's report.  

As a result, Munster is sticking with his estimate of 45 million unit iPhone sales for December.

Munster and his team have been tracking the availability of the iPhone over the past 34 days. Checks include calling 100 Apple Stores every night to check availability of the iPhone 5.

This improvement in availability at Apple Stores around America has been accompanied by shortened shipping times on Apple’s online store. Yesterday the shipping times status changed to two weeks. This status change came a bit more than a week after Apple reduced the iPhone 5 shipping delay to "2-3 weeks" from the "3-4 weeks" that had plagued the smartphone for almost two months.

Apple appears to be nearing the point where it can keep up with iPhone 5 demand.

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