Educational content provider Infinite Skills has announced a new training DVD - OS X Snow Leopard Technical and Security Training.

The new 9 hour video course covers 107 topics and highlights some of the more advanced features to be found in Mac OSX 10.6 Snow Leopard.

Taught by Apple systems expert Chris Tarnowiecky, this hands-on course has been created to help users expand their awareness of the powerful UNIX-based operating system and accomplish practical technical and security tasks such as command line use, disk partitioning, software automation and more.

Infinite Skills insist the OSX training video uses a simple and direct approach of demonstration to help viewers learn easily. Tasks are shown onscreen in real time, with accompanying audio that explains each step and allows users to easily follow along.

Because the tutorials are split into individual lessons, users are able to access the training in any order, reviewing the subjects they want to know first.

OS X Snow Leopard Technical and Security Training

Playback controls embedded in each video allow the user to pause, fast-forward or repeat sections of the training.

The lessons offer away for any moderately skilled computer user, whether a working professional or someone hoping to break into the field, a way to learn the more in-depth features and controls the operating system makes available.

The tutorials look at the OSX file system, associated permissions, metadata, commands, power of automation, not only using the powerful Automator tool that comes with Snow Leopard but also shell scripting for more flexible purposes.

Additional subjects covered include disaster prevention and recovery, securing accounts, encryption, securely erasing data and more.

Since the training is authored by a certified professional, it features the same quality normally available in significantly more expensive, seminar style courses claims Infinite Skills.

The Snow Leopard tutorial series costs $99.95 (around £62.00) on DVD, or can be accessed as an instant download from

A selection of the content is available to view free online.

OS X Snow Leopard Technical and Security Training