Your iPod could be a pianist using PianoDisc's latest product, iQ.

Introduced at the music industry tradeshow Winter NAMM 2007, iQ received a Best in Show award for Trendsetter Products.

iQ can be operated from an array of music delivery devices, including iPods. It can also be operated from a computer's iTunes library.

For iPods, once you have docked your music player into the piano's docking station, you simply choose a song and the piano will play it on its own, following what it detects of the melody of the track played on your iPod. The solution can also play music from CDs and DVDs.

iQ uses PianoDisc's patented 88-note SilentDrive technology to play the piano with full expression at even whisper-soft levels. The electronics are hidden within the piano - yet control all aspects of a performance from key to pedal response.

iQ also integrates with Smart Homes, connected homes, home audio and home theatre systems. With this last combination, you can play a PianoDisc PianoVideo. As you watch the pianist play on the screen, the music he's performing will play live on your piano.

An introductory video showing the features of iQ is available online. There's more on how this exciting device works here.