Apple's retail stores lead the industry in staff training and customer-centric sales, a report claims.

Undercover journalist Alex Frankel has published an extract from his latest book, Punching In: The Unauthorized Adventures of a Front-Line Employee, in which he reports on experiences as a staff member for a number of leading retail brands.

Over two years, the author took a series of entry-level retail jobs. "I did it to better understand the world of commerce and the corporate cultures that drive it," Frankel writes.

"In the process, I learned that Apple Stores, with their aura of cool, were in fact living up to their mission to "reinvent retail" and setting a high bar for other companies in the retail world."

He observes high-quality training and a fully thought out approach to creating a positive culture within Apple retail stores. He also notes Apple retail's success in recruiting staff who are passionate about the company and its products, and the company's three-step plan to sell to customers.

Frankel observes that the way Apple trains and treats its employees helps create a positive culture among its front line sales staff, which customers can't help but respond to.