Apple employees are to receive a free iPod shuffle for Christmas this year, a report claims.

The move reportedly extends across all Apple employees, according to the Ubergizmo website. If the report is true, it's a nice move to show a little thanks to employees after one of Apple's busiest - and most succesful - years. If you work for Apple and are reading this, be prepared for disappointment, as your company hasn't confirmed its plans.

While employees, customers and press reviewers wait to get their hands on the tiny £55 music player (which ships internationally from today), they can treat themselves to a look at what's inside the new iPod, thanks to iFixIt.

In fine Homebrew Computer Club tradition, iFixIt has taken an iPod shuffle to see what's inside the diminutive device, which seems to contain a lithium ion battery, an ARM processor with an Apple logo on it, memory and an AAC chip.