Apple’s corporate recruiting video has been uploaded to 9to5Mac’s YouTube channel, sparking rumours that Apple has unintentionally leaked confirmation that it is working on a bigger iPhone and a smaller iPad in one of the scenes.

The four-minute video, which 9to5Mac calls “the most in-depth tour of Apple’s Cupertino headquarters that we have ever seen on a public forum,” is narrated by Apple’s VP of Human Resources and Dean of Apple University Joel Podolny. It shows Apple’s engineering labs and website team, and reveals the backstory of Apple’s battery chemistry research and the iPad’s Smart Cover.

A result of 9to5Mac’s report was that some eagle eyed Apple fans spotted what they believe to be a product sheet revealing the rumoured 4in iPhone.

About one minute into the video, there is a scene in which three Apple employees are examining what appears to be several product sheets pinned to a wall. There is an annotation pointing to one of the product sheets, suggesting that it could show a “new, bigger iPhone”.

Due to Apple’s secretive nature, we’re taking this rumour with a pinch of salt. It seems unlikely that the company would let something like that slip through the net unintentionally.

That’s not to say that Apple won’t be releasing a bigger iPhone, though. Most rumours, leaks and analyst opinions point to the sixth generation iPhone having a bigger screen. It could also have 4G capabilities, a metal back and a smaller dock connector.

You can watch the video in question below: