Will.i.am of the group Black Eyed Peas was named Intel's new director of creative innovation on Tuesday.

The musician will work with Intel on developing new technologies, music and in technology advocacy. He was introduced to his new co-workers at an Intel sales conference in Anaheim, California.

Will.i.am said: "I'm in the studio all the time making music, traveling the world playing music, on my computer talking about music, and before I met you guys I was collaborating with you guys. "I got a feeling," "Boom Boom Pow," all these songs that traveled were around the world before people hear them were made with Intel chips."

Intel isn't alone in naming a musician to a creative director position. Last year Polaroid bestowed the same title on Lady Gaga and at this month's Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas she presented the first fruits of her collaboration.

Will.i.am: "When you're on a computer, that thing is big and you never really get to hold the part you're collaborating with. So to actually hold it, I'm like wow, I spend hours upon hours, ideas, talking with the computer and here I am holding the part that makes it works. You take this out the computer and it's just a big box. It's like my brain's friend, like 'hey, you ever met him.'"

Intel's move points to the growing importance of multimedia in computing. Intel and rival AMD both put much greater emphasis on graphics in their latest microprocessors in a bid to provide better gaming and video experiences for mainstream users.