Korean researchers believe the internet will be able to deliver fragrances by 2015.

The Korea Times is reporting a survey of 3,500 technology experts conducted by the country's Ministry of Information and Communications. These experts expect technologies to share scent online will emerge by that date.

Mobile phone and iPod users are in for a treat to, according to the experts. They think that by 2012 battery life will have climbed to two months — and medical robots will perform operations by 2018.

Korea's Ministry of Information and Communications director general Ryoo Pill-gye explains how online scent technology could work.

"Scent will be digitised as numerous ones and zeros strung together before travelling through the internet," he explains. "A dedicated cartridge incorporated into the computers will translate the numeric data to revive the perfume at any time and at any place," he predicts.

The Ministry also predicts digital military uniforms that enhance the strength of infantrymen will have emerged by 2015.