One of the most interesting features of the Verizon iPhone - the ability to create a mobile hotspot that up to five other devices can connect to - could be coming to other iPhones when iOS 4.3 is released.

According to reports on Dutch site and Greek site iPhoneHellas the mobile hotspot function will be brought to GSM iPhones in the next iOS update.

However, mobile operators are notoriously precious about how data is used over their networks, and it will be them that make the decision about whether to offer this feature or not.

Some operators allow 'tethering' of the device, effectively meaning the iPhone's internet connection can be shared with another device, though most that do add additional charges. Support for this feature was added in version 3.0 of the iPhone OS.

The Verizon iPhone shown at the company's announcement was running iOS 4.2.5, whereas the latest version available is 4.2.1. The Verizon iPhone also differs slightly from other iPhone 4 handsets as the antenna has been moved to as it is "specifically designed" for CDMA networks, Apple said.

However, moving the antenna required that the ring/silent switch be moved, meaning that many existing iPhone 4 cases don't fit the Verizon iPhone.