A Twitter account dubbed iOS6Maps enjoyed a short, smart-alecky life of poking fun at Apple's switch from Google Maps to its own Map app, but was apparently suspended by the microblogging site late Wednesday night. However, a second account has surfaced overnight.

While Apple's iPhone 5 and iOS 6 have elicited mainly glowing reviews, once exception has been the Maps app that Apple is now foisting on customers. It lacks some basics, such as public transit routing and street-level views taken for granted now by those used to Google Maps.

And thus, the iOS6Maps Twitter account, and its follow-on, @fake_ios6maps.

The original accounted tweeted out gems such as "we left out transit directions because only losers take public transport. All iPhone owners drive BMWs" and "At Apple, we strive for clean, uncluttered user interfaces. The new Maps removes unsightly place names, buildings, roads and POIs."

The comeback account's offerings include: "Searching routes from Lyon to Paris... Wait, you meant Paris, Texas, right?" and "We've left transit directions to the transit company apps. Because, who has better taste and software dev experience than transit companies?"

Twitter has a track record of nixing accounts that fly in the face of its user rules, and often the action winds up calling even more attention to the account than it otherwise would have had. One example from the summer: A news correspondent had his account suspended after he wrote derogatory things about NBC and the head of its Olympic games coverage. 


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