Some developers are complaining that Apple’s iOS 6 beta experiences slow booting and other issues once you have installed 500 apps.

According to Forbes, this is the first time there has been a limitation. Developers are concerned, despite the fact that this version of the iPhone/iPad operating system is in beta and may be changed before it is released in the autumn.

According to a post on the Mid Atlantic Consulting Blog, once your iOS 6–equipped iDevice has over 500 apps installed on it users will begin to experience “slow booting, auto-rebooting, and other issues”, after 1,000 apps it won’t boot at all. Apparently Apple confirmed this discovery.

Some think the concerns are unnecessary because few people will have more than 1,000 apps on their device. When the blog contacted Apple about the issue the company suggested that few people have that many apps.

The blog is running a poll to find out how many apps people are running on their devices, and it turns out that nearly half, 44%, run fewer than 100 apps.

Also worthy of note is that fact that having an app installed won’t cause your device to slow down. It’s the apps running in the background that can cause issues. 

Since the publication of the blog, a "person familiar with the situation" has confirmed to Cnet that there is no such limitation. Apparently, the limitation was an "isolated incident".