The next beta version of iOS 7, Apple's upcoming mobile operating system for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch, will be launched to developers next Monday 8th July, according to "trusted sources" speaking to the tech site BGR.

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Apple iOS 7

When will the next version of iOS 7 launch?

Apple appears to be continuing its regular two-week cycle of iOS 7 beta releases, which suggests it's making solid progress towards iOS 7's launch in the autumn. After being announced at WWDC 2013 on 10 June, the first beta version of iOS 7 was immediately made available to third-party app developers for testing. The second iOS 7 beta, which added iPad support, appeared last Monday, 24 June.

iOS 7's visual design has been the subject of much debate and considerable criticism. Being a beta release, of course, iOS 7 remains subject to change, and it's entirely possible that Apple will substantially alter the look of the operating system before official launch. (The fact that we haven't yet seen the final version of iOS 7 hasn't stopped many disappointed users from venting their spleen on the imperfect beta version.)

A set of tweaked app icon designs appeared on Apple's website briefly; these presumably represent either future redesigns or past designs that have since been dropped. Either way it's obvious that the look of iOS isn't set in stone.

BGR says it's told that beta 3 of iOS 7 will also see work to make it "more cohesive across the entire OS", but we don't know whether that comes from the same trusted sources or from speculation elsewhere.

iOS 7 redesigned icons

This set of mildly tweaked iOS 7 app icons appeared briefly (and almost certainly mistakenly) on Apple's website, prompting speculation that Apple was in the midst of a visual redesign of the operating system

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