Apple is set to unveil iOS 7, the next iteration of the operating system that runs on iPhone, iPad and iPod touch, at its WWDC 2013 keynote this evening, so it's no surprise that rumours, speculation and alleged leaks have been flooding in as the event approaches.

One of those leaks comes from 9To5Mac's Seth Weintraub, who claims to have been given a "quick peek" at an early beta of iOS 7. He says he is unable to share the screenshots because his source fears getting caught by Apple, but Photoshop reconstructions of various app icons from the iOS 7 beta have been made to demonstrate what Weintraub saw.

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In addition to the new icons, which have been redesigned to look flatter than the ones found in the current versions of iOS, Apple has also allegedly changed the signal bars to five dots to represent how much signal is being received by the device.

According to the report, the mock ups "closely match what we'll see" at the keynote tonight. Weintraub also says that he saw two colour schemes for many of the apps, but is unsure how these two colours will fit in to the final version of iOS 7. He suggests that they could be A/B decoys, perhaps different colours for the white and black iPhone models, or, they could be dependant on the time of day or the amount of ambient light detected by the device.

The dock at the bottom of iOS 7 is apparently just a thin line, as shown in the mockup.

It is currently unclear whether 9To5Mac's mockup is accurate, but we will soon find out. Apple's keynote begins at 6pm BST and we'll be covering it live here: WWDC 2013 Live Feed

However, Daring Fireball's John Gruber has said that the iOS 7 leaks are "all wrong" so perhaps we'll see something completely different unveiled today.

One thing we have seen is Apple's official iOS 7 banner, which was unveiled at the WWDC 2013 venue in San Francisco on Friday. You can check it out here.

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