Screenshots have emerged showing Apple iOS 7 running on the iPad - or rather, on an emulator program designed to give an idea of what iOS 7 will look like on the iPad's larger screen.

Apple plans to launch its new iOS 7 operating system for iPad and iPhone in the autumn, but so far has only shown glimpses of the iPhone build. But one plucky tinkerer has run the beta version of iOS 7 through an iPad emulator to give an idea of what we can expect.

iOS 7 on the iPad has the same clean design as on the iPhone, but there are a few interesting differences.

Apple iOS 7 on iPad Home screen and Settings

In iOS 7 on an iPad, one slight difference from the iPhone build of iOS is that Control Center (above left) takes up far less of the screen space:

Apple iOS 7 Control Center

An oddity at this stage, spotted by AppleInsider, is the continued presence of the torch button, albeit moved across to sit above the brightness slider; the iPad doesn't have a flash, so this is likely to be removed, unless Apple has something planned that we don't know about. [*starts writing iPad 5 rumour article*]

Apple iOS 7 on iPad Contacts

Pictured above: the difference between the iPad's Contacts on iOS 6 (left) and iOS 7 (right). Moving away from the skeuomorphic 'leather-bound book' visuals opens up far more space in portrait mode.

Apple iOS 7 Games and Calendar

Above: Game Center in iOS on the iPad (left), and the redesigned Calendar app. Calendar looks far more 'layered' and translucent on the iPad; here's the equivalent on iPhone:

Apple iOS 7 Calendar

Finally, here are screenshots of Maps and iCloud in iOS 7 on the iPad:

Apple iOS 7 Maps and iCloud

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