With the news of the new iPad 2, announced by Apple on 2 March and shipping to the UK on 25 March, comes the need for accessories to accompany your new purchase.

We've put together a round up of some of the great new iPad 2 accessories that are soon to hit the market.

The latest cases

The iPad 2 is 33 per cent thinner than it's predecessor, and therefore might require a new case. Apple has designed the Smart Cover, which doubles as a stand, and comes in ten colours. However, there are many alternatives to the Smart Cover, which offer protection and other benefits to your iPad 2 experience.


Scosche Industries has produced three new cases for the iPad 2 (UK prices are to be confirmed)

The FoldIO p2 is a folio case, and is available in black or white, leather or carbon, and will cost $49.99. The case features three landscape viewing positions and has a suede interior for extra protection.

Scosche's glosSEE p2 is a translucent, flexible case with enhanced grip and protection for your iPad 2. It is priced at $39.99. Scosche has also designed a polycarbonate, shatterproof case, which provides access to the iPad 2's controls. Both of these cases are available in five colours, Crystal Clear, Smoke, Deep Purple, Rocker Pink and Blue.

Scosche will also be stocking three screen protectors for the iPad 2: the klearCOAT p2 ($19.99), satinSHIELD p2 ($24.99), and privaSEE p2 ($49.99).


Griffin Technology is due to release new iPad 2 products, and will be releasing new case designs, chargers and other accessories, as well as new colours and styles in some of its most popular products.


Belkin has unveiled a collection of new accessories for the iPad 2.

The FlipBlade Adjust, priced at £24.99, is a video stand that you can flip open to hold your iPad 2 either landscape or portrait. The stand also tilts, and is designed with an opening to allow cables to run through it.

Belkin's Trifold Folio costs £29.99, has multiple viewing angles and is designed to fit easily in a carry bag. It is made of durable PU suede to protect your iPad 2.

The Slim Folio Stand from Belkin, is designed for easy portability, and offers multiple viewing angles, including typing mode. It is made of PU suede, and costs £34.99.

The Access Folio (£29.99) is a simple folio with a protective screen cover and integrated storage pockets.

Belkin's Flip Folio Stand, which costs £34.99, and has a perforated design and secure closure to keep your iPad 2 in place.

Another of Belkin's new range is the Verve Folio Stand, priced at £39.99. It is made of leather and has secure closure for your iPad 2. It also provides versatile options for multiple viewing angles.

For £17.99, you can purchase Belkin's Grip Vue Clear case. It is made of clear, flexible material and has good grip ability and shock resistance.

The Hard Folio (£34.99), has a protective grip-able base and a high-gloss top cover, allowing multiple viewing angles.

Belkin's Basic Folio costs £24.99, and is a protective folio with an easy slide feature for quick access to your iPad 2.

The last of Belkin's iPad 2 products are the screen overlays, which come in matte (£17.99) and clear (£14.99), with a cut out for access to the home key. The screen overlays come in packs of two, with a cleaning wipe and smoothing card.


Also supplying iPad 2 owners with much needed protection for their tablet is iLuv, who has announced that it's collection will include four new cases.

The Professional case from iLUV (ICK826) has a detachable Bluetooth keyboard and a built in rechargeable battery. It also has dedicated keys for the iPad 2 functions and allows charging while closed, and provides a retractable stand, all for £79.99.

iLuv's Portfolio case with stand (ICC816), provides flexible viewing angles and costs £29.99

The Flex-Gel case (ICC818) comes in five colours, and allows full access to audio jack, dock connector and all the other iPad 2 controls for the price of £24.99.

The cheapest iPad 2 protection from iLuv (£19.99) is the Foam-Padded Neoprene Sleeve (ICC2011). It has memory foam and a soft, thin, plush interior.

iLuv's new collection for iPad 2 will include a dock with a multidirectional arm for screen orientation and keyboard angle. iLuv has not yet confirmed the price of this product.

Everything else

It's not all cases. Some companies have bought out new iPad products to tie in with the iPad 2 launch.

For £59.99, Logic 3 is selling the i-Station Base, which can hold and play music from your iPad 1 or iPad 2 model. iPad's can be viewed in landscape or portrait from the i-Station Base, due to it's cable management design. It comes with a remote control and a free app which provides a clock, calendar, alarm function, sleep function, weather information, EQ function control, nature sounds and world wide time.

Scosche will be selling a Bluetooth keyboard, the freeKEY ($59.99). It is water resistant, and rolls up for easy storage. It also has a USB cable for charging and has wireless connection to your iPad 2 from up to 30 feet away.

The iPad 2 still offers up to 10 hours of battery life, but for those long journeys or for charging your iPad without access to your computer, you can purchase a suitable product.

The 2.1A powerPLUG from Scosche enables you to charge your iPad 2 in the car, available for $17.99. Or for $79.99, the goBAT II provides duel USB back-up and a charger.

Also from Scosche is the reVIVE II ($29.99), which can simultaneously charge your iPad 2 and another USB powered device, either at home or in the car.

For your audio needs, you can purchase the Scosche tapLINE II earphones which have volume, track control and a microphone for FaceTime and voice memos on your iPad 2.

The sneakPEEK II HD, from Scosche, is an audio and video output solution, good for sharing media on your iPad 2 with your friends and family for $59.99.

Another new iPad product, available for pre-order from Advanced Designs In The Home (Adith), is the U-bar, designed to help integrate technology into the home environment in user-friendly ways. The U-bar is a wall mount, which charges your iPad 2 and allows audio output to your home sound system. The product can also be used for wall mounted control of your home automation, and includes a safety key to lock the iPad in place if desired. The U-bar costs between £55 and £70, depending on which cables are included.

Griffin Technology is also releasing chargers and other accessories, as well as new colours and styles in some of its most popular products.