Analysts believe that the iPad 2 puts Apple in a strong position to continue its dominance of the tablet market for the forseeable future.

Speaking to the Guardian newspaper, Gartner analyst Carolina Milanesi said that the key reason for Apple's continued dominance will be the pricing of the iPad 2.

Apple's economies of scale and the fact that it accounts for such a large portion of the market already put it in a position to keep the price of the iPad 2 down relative to competitors, Milanesi argues.

According to rival analyst firm IDC, Apple accounted for 83 percent of the tablet market in 2010. Competitors such as Motorola's Xoom have hit the US market costing more than equivalent iPad 2 models, giving credence to Milanesi's arguments.

The superior hardware specifications of the iPad 2 and the greater choice of apps would also give Apple a continued edge of the opposition, Milanesi said.

Fellow Gartner analyst Van Baker this week warned HP that it would have a tough time competing with Apple in the tablet market when it launches its TouchPad, though that there was still a possibility that an entry into the enterprise market could prove successful.

"Apple's position will be hard to assail in the market. HP may find that the competitor they are up against in the tablet market is actually RIM more than Apple if they target the enterprise with the TouchPad," Baker said.

iPad vs TouchPad vs PlayBook vs Xoom

"Similar to the situation that exists in the smartphone market the trade press seems to want to make the tablet market a battle between Apple and Google and conveniently avoid the fact that other platforms exist as viable alternatives. This does make it harder for HP to convince the world that there is room for another operating system in the tablet market."