Can't wait to get your hands on the iPad 2? Well, unless you're in the US, you're going to have to hold out for another two weeks, so in the meantime why not get your teeth into Macworld's in-depth review.

Apple iPad 2 review

The second-generation iPad goes on sale in the US on Friday, though have some sympathy for our American cousins - there will be 18 different variations to choose from.

In the UK when the iPad 2 launches on 25 March there will still be a staggering 12 different models to choose from when the connectivity, storage and colour options are taken into account.

The iPad 2 is smaller and lighter than its predecessor, and faster, too, as Macworld's tests show. But if you want to get the full lowdown on the iPad 2, read our full iPad 2 review without delay.

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