As gadget fans the world over work themselves into a lather about the expected iPad 2 launch later today, a site is touting what appears to be a prototype case for the device. 

According to Engadget, the case has slimmer profile, an almost entirely flat back, bigger speaker, and rear- and front-facing cameras.

“We've looked into the digits on the back of the device and the model number is one for the original Apple TV while the FCC ID is for a WiFi-only iPad, but those could be mere placeholders on what is, once again, a mockup and not a real working tablet,” says the consumer electronics site. “The SIM card slot looks to have been repositioned to a slot that was once expected to house an SD card reader.”

Supposed mockup of iPad 2 from

The mockup case, ‘procured over in China’ also features a 3G antenna, a sloped power button and a headphone jack.