This week, the rumour mill has been abuzz with speculation about the next generation of Apple's iPad mini. Many people are asking whether the iPad mini 2 will have a Retina display, and this week's reports aim to answer that question. Unfortunately, they all have different answers.

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Retina iPad mini 2 with new colours coming soon, says WSJ

Apple's next iPad mini will arrive in the fourth quarter with a Retina display and maybe multiple colour options too.

That's according to The Wall Street Journal, which on Wednesday reported that Apple's suppliers are preparing to begin mass production of a new iPad mini that will "likely feature a high-resolution screen from Samsung." (See What is a Retina display, and are they worth the money?)

The report also suggests that Apple is considering introducing new colour options to the iPad mini. The rumoured low-cost iPhone, dubbed iPhone Lite, is also expected to have multiple colour options, so Apple's decision to bring new colours to the iPad mini could be in order to bring the two product ranges in line with one another.

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WSJ says that, in addition to Samsung, Apple will also source screens from LG and Sharp to ensure an "adequate supply of screens." It suggests that Apple is more likely to bring a Retina display to its next iPad mini following Google's unveiling of its new high-resolution Nexus 7.

iOS 7 beta hints at non-Retina iPad mini 2 with A6 chip

A second report on Wednesday contradicts WSJ's claims, however. According to 9to5Mac, Apple is testing a new iPad mini with an A6 chip but a non-Retina display.

The evidence to support this claim was spotted in the iOS 7 beta 4 code and an iOS 7 SDK, which contains a list of all supported iOS devices. Among the devices listed are three new iPad mini models: iPad "2,8," iPad "2,9," and iPad "2,10." The three new iPads are expected to be a WiFi only model and two cellular models.

Also spotted in the SDK were some details on the features that could be making their way in to the new iPad mini. The devices will include the "s518950x" processor, which is the A6 chip inside Apple's iPhone 5, says 9To5Mac. The iPad mini is currently powered by the A5 chip,  so an A6 chip could offer a significant speed boost.

The references only mention non-Retina images, as opposed to the "@2x" mode images used for Retina devices. This suggests that the next iPad mini won't have a Retina display after all.

Two new iPad mini models coming 2014, says analyst

If that's not confusing enough, yet another iPad mini rumour that emerged just last week suggested that we shouldn't expect to see any new iPad mini models this year. Instead, Apple will launch two new iPad mini models in March or April of 2014.

This prediction comes from KGI Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, who has correctly predicted Apple product launches in the past. He says that we shouldn't expect to see any new iPad mini models this year. Kuo expects a low-cost iPad mini to arrive next year, alongside a higher priced Retina model of the 7.9in tablet. He suggests that Apple has been forced to redesign all of the iPad mini's internal components in order to be able to support the higher power consumption of the Retina display.

Kuo still believes that Apple is on track to release a new 10in iPad this year, though, which he thinks will have a thinner design akin to the iPad mini. 

With the release of iOS 7 just a couple of months away, we don't have long to find out which rumours are wrong.

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