Apple’s iPad is still the most popular tablet brand in the UK, with 70% of the market, which according to government figures, equates to around 2,100,000 people owning an iPad here in the UK. 

According to the quarterly survey, 8% of the UK population (or 3 million people) owns a tablet.

Since the iPad has 70% of the market, according to the report, that equates to around 2,100,000 people owning an iPad here in the UK,  but according to YouGov research, the competition is catching up. 

The YouGov report claims that The New iPad has already captured 11% of the market, suggesting that 330,000 people have purchased that model in the UK.

Samsung, who’s Galaxy Tab has been banned in the US because a judge has ruled it is a copy of the iPad, is gaining some ground, it now has 7% share of the market.

For most respondents in the survey the biggest reason for choosing an alternative to the iPad is price (42%). Another 29% say that operating system was the reason they considered an alternative device.

YouGov’s Technology and Telecoms sector consulting director John Gilbert said “Whilst Apple continues to set the standards of tablet quality, Samsung and other manufacturers are fast approaching and exceeding Apple on price metrics. As the tablet market taps into the Early and Late Majority technology users, Apple may expect a declining share in a growing market.”