There are now more than 100,000 apps available specifically for the iPad.

MacStories reported yesterday that a mere 453 days after the launch of the original iPad that there were 100,161 native apps available for the iPad.

Shortly after the iPad launched in the US in April 2010 there were just 3,500 apps that would work on your newly-purchased device, but within a week some 3.5 million apps had been downloaded for the iPad and 600,000 books downloaded through the iPad's iBooks app.

Fifteen months on the iPad's popularity shows no sign of declining despite there being several competitors in the tablet market now. Indeed, many argue that it is the app experience that makes the iPad the leading tablet.

Earlier this week,  Macworld reported that the expected explosion of apps developed for Android's tablet-specific Honeycomb hadn't yet happened. So while the number of apps for the iPad pushes on past the 100,000 mark Android developers seem to be waiting for the next version of Android - known as Ice Cream Sandwich - to come along, leaving customers with Android tablets impatiently drumming their fingers.

The remarkable success of the App Store - which passed the 10 billion downloads mark in January 2011 - continues to be one of the major factors in the continued success of the iPhone and iPad and the experience is getting even better all the time for customers, the introduction of Automatic Downloads being a case in point.