If you are in the market for an iPad but you don’t want a New iPad, and the iPad 2 with just 16GB isn’t enough for you, you’ll be interested to learn that not only does The Carphone Warehouse have the iPad 2 in 32GB and 64GB capacities, the store has also dropped the price of the not-so-new model.  

The not-so-new 32GB iPad 2 with Wi-Fi is now £369, the 3G version is £429. (The 32GB New iPad costs £479 or £579 depending on whether you opt for non-existent 4G.)

The 64GB iPad 2 with Wi-Fi is £429, the 3G version is £529. (The 64GB New iPad costs £559 or £659 depending on whether you opt for ‘cellular’ coverage.) 

The Carphone Warehouse prices the 16GB iPad 2 with Wi-Fi at £329, and the 3G version is £429, this is in line with Apple’s prices for that device. This model is the only iPad 2 model available from Apple’s website.

The Carphone Warehouse is still describing the New iPad as New iPad with Wi-Fi + 4G, despite Apple removing references to 4G when describing the New iPad.

Apple has changed the name of its new iPad on websites worldwide, swapping ‘4G’ to ‘Cellular’. This change was made following accusations in the UK and Australia that Apple had been misleading customers about the tablet’s capabilities.

The Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) reportedly received ‘dozens’ of complaints about the new iPad’s capabilities, which are currently redundant in the UK, and wasn’t satisfied that Apple had complied with an agreement to amend claims about the tablet’s 4G feature on its website.



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