Apple is preparing YouTube support within Safari and accepting new members to its iPhone developer scheme, various reports claim.

The company recently released a second version of its iPhone SDK, and curious developers have been taking a look under the hood to see what's inside.

What is inside appear to be new framworks which imply improved YouTube support in the Safari web browser of the iPhone. The software also deploys a new version of the Web Kit which underpins Apple's web browser.

A new Contacts application also appears in the software, liberating iPhone user's contact information from their previous place within the 'Phone' menu.

Apple is also accepting a fresh wave of members to its iPhone Developer Program. Some developers who previously applied to join the $99 per year scheme but were rejected are now receiving second letters which accept them as members of the scheme.

The iPhone Developer Program allows access to pre-release iPhone software (i.e. iPhone OS 2.0); technical support; the ability to get code onto iPhones for testing; and distribution of applications via the new App Store.