Will we see an iPhone 5 tomorrow? We're as sure as we can be that Apple will announce a new iPhone at the Cupertino event, but will it be an iPhone 4S rather than the iPhone 5?

Evidence that has surfaced in the ninth beta version of iTunes 10.5, which Apple released late last week, seems to suggest that there will be an iPhone 4S, with references to that name found in the Info.plist file.

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Apple Insider reports that device preferences for Item 7 and Item 8 in the Info.plist file describe a black and white iPhone 4S.

The icons for the black and white iPhone 4S, the report says, look near-enough identical to the existing black and white CDMA iPhone 4, as you can see in this image.

This could put paid to the theory that we'll see an iPhone 5 tomorrow. Although many analysts predicted that Apple could launch two new models of iPhone on Tuesday, current wisdom suggests there will be only one new iPhone, with the number one on the phone icon on Apple's invites to the Cupertino event seemingly hinting at this.

So if the new iPhone is the iPhone 4S rather than the iPhone 5, rumours of a teardrop-shaped design with curved edges and a tapered back can be put to rest, with the iPhone 4S likely to look largely similar to the iPhone 4.

Pictures of puported iPhone 4S parts have been circulating for a while now, though several case designs we've seen from the Far East seemed to suggest the next-generation iPhone would have an all new design.

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It is likely, though, to have had a significant spec boost, with an A5 processor, 1GB of RAM and an 8MP snapper. It will also probably be a dual-mode phone, able to connect to CDMA and GSM networks.  

All will become clear tomorrow. Macworld.co.uk will have a live text feed from Cupertino so join us from around 6pm BST for all the news.