The iPhone 4S is a hit overseas, Apple's original headquarters is decidedly non-spaceship-like, and Mark Zuckerberg says some nice things about Steve Jobs.

iPhone 4S preorders sell out in Hong Kong after 10 minutes (AppleInsider)

The iPhone 4S went up for pre-order in Hong Kong--and a bunch of other places--this past Friday and the residents of the Chinese Special Administrative Region snapped it up like it was coming fresh off the griddle. The available units were apparently gone in about 600 seconds (which was the underappreciated sequel to the Nicolas Cage classic).

Plan (Chris Espinosa)

More than 30 years ago, Apple employee Chris Espinosa sketched a floorplan of Apple's then headquarters, dubbed "Bandley 1" (so called because it was located at 10260 Bandley Drive). The sketch surfaced this week among other documents and papers, and a couple interesting features got attention: First, the wide open area marked "tennis courts?" (Espinosa says they weren't sure what to do with it); second, that Woz and Jobs's offices were almost as far from each other as humanly possible; and third, the Xerox room, where they kept all the ideas they took from PARC.

Mark Zuckerberg reveals that Steve Jobs coached him on company focus (9to5 Mac)

In an interview with Charlie Rose, the Facebook CEO admits that the former Apple CEO helped him out a lot, from advising him on how to build a great team to talking about the aesthetics of their companies. It's too bad Zuck never asked him how one acquires taste.

Siri to Mac 512K (YouTube)

Who doesn't love it when Apple's newest technology makes friends with one of its oldest products? This fellow rigged a system wherein a message dictated to Siri appears as a text document on a Macintosh 512K. Of course, it involves email, an FTP server, and, oh yeah, a whole additional Mac.

Apple to HTC: don't you call me "Apple, Inc."--your comma is incorrect (FOSS Patents)

I hate my name being misspelled as much as anybody else, but then again I'm not involved in enormous, world-spanning litigation. So I guess I can't fault Apple for taking issue that HTC referred to it, in a legal complaint, as "Apple, Inc." That errant comma prompted Apple to respond that this was not its correct name, thankyouverymuch. But man, the company totally missed an opportunity to play dumb and wriggle out of that lawsuit.

Product News:

Adobe Photoshop Elements, Premiere Elements - Adobe has released Photoshop Elements 10 Editor and Photoshop Premiere Elements 10 Editor onto the Mac App Store. Both programs are virtually identical to their non-MAS counterparts, with the exceptions that the Mac App Store versions do not include the Elements Organizer or support case-sensitive HFS volumes. Premiere Elements 10 Editor also does not include Smartsound capability. The MAS apps are, however, available at a reduced price. £54.99 each.

Print n Share Pro 5.1 - EuroSmartz Ltd. has released new versions of its Print n Share Pro app for the iPhone and iPod touch, and for the iPad. The update makes it easier for users who share one iOS device, letting them create multiple accounts in the app. Version 5.1 of the app also includes multi-user protection for email, Web browsing, and saved files; Web browser enhancements; and a 24-hour support line that the company claims will answer queries within one hour.