iPhone 5 Advisor

Macworld today released its iPhone 5 Advisor guide containing everything the Macworld team knows about Apple’s latest gadget.

iPhone 5 Advisor has hands-on testing of the new iPhone, complete with detailed photographs and video footage captured directly from Apple’s launch event at the Yerba Buena Centre for the Arts, San Francisco.

It also has the most detailed iPhone 5 pre-launch review in existence, with detailed buying advice to all models, UK pricing, and accessory information. Combined with our detailed hands-on test we believe this is the best buying guide to the iPhone 5 on the Newsstand.

The iPhone 5 Advisor guide also has a complete explaination of 4G LTE, how to get it in the UK, which networks will be providing 4G LTE, and why it matters so much.

We have also included a 14-page guide to all the key features of the iPhone, including close up annotations of all the technology, a guide to the new Home screen, and how to set up and use all the key features.

We believe this is the closest you can get to holding an iPhone 5 prior to it going on sale next week.

iPhone 5 Advisor can be downloaded from within the Macworld Newsstand app. Download the Macworld magazine app and you’ll find iPhone 5 Advisor waiting for you inside.

Click here to download your copy