The iPhone 5 may be coming slightly later than some industry pundits have predicted, if a report from Japan is to be believed.

Macotakara, a technology blog with a less than perfect track record when it comes to Apple predictions, believes that Apple will launch the sixth-generation handset in September or October.

This is later than some predictions, with many expecting Apple to announce the new handset at the WorldWide Developer Conference in June, the event where Apple traditionally launches new iPhones, with the notable exception of last year.

According to Macotakara's sources, though, last year's delayed announcement wasn't actually a blip but Apple moving to a new schedule, one that it plans to stick to for "years".

The iPhone 4S was launched in October 2011, shortly before the death of Apple co-founder Steve Jobs. The late introduction was thought to have been caused by last-minute problems with some components, though the timing paid off well for the company, with 37 million iPhones sold in the final quarter of 2011.