iPhone 5 parts are flooding the web as we approach its launch, which is expected to take place at a special event on 12 September.  Now, a new video and high-resolution images have been published, comparing the alleged front panel of the upcoming iPhone with the front panel of the iPhone 4S.

Nowhereelse.fr revealed the detailed photographs of what could be the front panel of the sixth-generation iPhone, showing a taller display and central front facing camera, next to the current iPhone 4S’s front panel, highlighting the differences between the two.

The three-minute video published alongside the photos shows further detail and a closer comparison between the two devices. You can watch the video here.

Earlier this week, iPhone 5 accessories revealing a smaller dock connector were leaked, as well as a document detailing iPhone 5 components.

Apple is currently offering customers £300 for the iPhone 4S through its Reuse and Recycle program, ahead of the iPhone 5’s launch.

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