Scammers are exploiting interest in today's iPhone announcement to try and trick Windows users into installing malware on their PCs.

Journalist Abram Wagenaar, who writes for Personal Computer Magazine in the Netherlands, received the email and posted a screenshot of it on Twitter.

Amusingly, the scammers seemingly can't make their mind up about what the new iPhone will be called, so have called it the iPhone 5GS.

"Available Friday. In store or delivered to your door," the email claims.

However, though the information in the email seems laughable, the payload is no joking matter if you are using a Windows-based PC, as if you click anywhere on the message you will prompt your PC to download malware.

Graham Cluley, senior technology consultant at Sophos, pointed out that scammers had used very similar tactics before June's Worldwide Developer Conference (WWDC).

"Apple product announcements are always big news. And I think we have to accept that it's likely that whenever Apple is scheduled to reveal new technology that cybercriminals will try to exploit the interest," said Cluley.

"After all, we saw a very similar attack using an iPhone 5 disguise during WWDC this year. On that occasion, it turned out that Apple *didn't* announce the iPhone 5, but the bad guys were still eager to take advantage of pre-announcement hype."