Rob Shoesmith, the man who plans to camp out for as long as a month to get his hands on the next-generation iPhone first, has begun queuing outside the Apple Store in Covent Garden.

The store was the scene of some strange goings-on earlier this morning, as Macworld reported, and Shoesmith's bizarre challenge only adds to the next-generation iPhone-related madness going on in the area today.

Live feed: Apple's iPhone 5 event

Shoesmith writes on his blog: "Just to let you know that I have arrived in Coventry Garden and am number one in line! I will have a long wait no doubt but it's going to be a lot of fun!"

Shoesmith's self-inflicted challenge, which he's calling the iPhone 5 Experiment (might have to change that later Rob!), involves him trying to persuade local businesses and other companies to provide him with free services during his wait - and he's not allowed to spend a penny, figuratively, at least.

He's already been using the services of a personal assistant (pictured), though it seems she's not allowed to buy him stuff either. Shoesmith tweeted earlier: "Can someone in Covent Garden make me a bacon sandwich? I'm starving! Are there any kind companies or people out there?"

The iPhone 5 Experiment: Macworld's interview with Rob Shoesmith

Later today we'll find out exactly how long he's going to have to wait - you can follow the announcement from around 6pm BST on