A hacker from San Francisco claims that he managed to jailbreak the iPhone 5 within 24 hours of its release.

Grant Paul published photos on his Twitter feed showing a jailbroken iPhone 5 running Cydia, the app that jailbroken iPhone users can use to download unofficial content to their device.

By jailbreaking a device, iOS users can install apps from outside Apple’s App Store, as well as adding interface tweaks and more that Apple’s restrictions ordinarily prevent. Jailbreaking a device does, however, void Apple’s warranty.

“I started working on it the day before the iPhone 5 was released, and I had my iPhone 4S jailbroken on iOS 6 in a few hours,” Paul told AllThingsD. “Then, once I got an iPhone 5, it was even easier; It took just about hand an hour from first tuning it on to a jailbroken iPhone 5.”

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