A supposed video of someone navigating through an iPhone 5 microsite within Apple's website has been exposed as a fake.

In the video (below), what is claimed to be an iPhone 5 - with a dual-core A5 processor and 8-megapixel camera - is shown on the site. Various images show it to be slimmer than the iPhone 4 with a larger screen.

In fact, the iPhone 5 is just 6.2mm thick, according to the video, weighs 112g and has a 4.2in 960 x 640 screen.

However, there are one or two mistakes that give the video away as a hoax. For a start, you'll see "Users/peter/Desktop/iPhone 205/Website Pictures/home.html" in Safari's status bar at the very beginning, showing that the page is being hosted locally rather than online.

Additionally, the iPhone has its No Signal warning up in the top left-hand corner - it seems highly unlikely that Apple would want to show that rather than a signal strength indicator - and there are spelling mistakes littered through the video.

Most obvious of all, though, are the incorrect fonts used in the video, including the font on the rear of the supposed iPhone 5, which is quite blatantly wrong.