Want to know what the iPhone 5 is going to look like? Well, you'll have to wait until launch day to be absolutely sure, but if you're happy with guesswork then read on.

The MacRumors website commissioned CiccareseDesign to come up with some mockups of the iPhone 5 based on a leaked specifications document - the authenticity of which hasn't been verified.

However, case designers in China seem to be satisfied that the specs are the real deal, creating cases based on the documents. As some pre-launch case designs from China have been quite close to the money in the past, MacRumors decided it was worth putting the data into 3D modelling software and seeing what their design agency could come up with.

The mockups show a larger, edge-to-edge screen with an oval-shaped home button. The reason for the oval-shaped button is because there is an elongated hole for accessing this button than with case designs for the iPhone 4. However, MacRumors notes that the elongated hole could also be for left- and right-swiping gestures that will enable you to switch between apps quickly, for example.

The mockups also show an iPhone that is slightly wider than the iPhone 4, but also thinner and - more surprisingly - shorter.

Meanwhile, there's been plenty of other iPhone 5 speculation this week - analyst Shaw Wu expects it to have a dual-core processor and a more powerful camera, while a video of what was claimed to be an accidental leak of the iPhone 5 microsite was exposed as a hoax.

Though speculation over new Apple products is pretty intense and feverish at the best of times, it's the iPhone that really seems to get the rumour mill grinding. Apple's secretive approach - reflected by the continuing legal case against two men who sold on an iPhone 4 prototype - only serves to make it more exciting, however wrong the speculation might all turn out to be.