Apple’s most anticipated new device is the iPhone 5, according to a new Macworld survey.

We asked our readers what product they are planning to buy as soon as Apple launches it, and the sixth-generation iPhone came out top.

Of the 1099 people that voted, 24.8 per cent said that they will buy the next iPhone as soon as Apple launches it, which could be September this year.

“I’ll definitely be getting the new iPhone, unless it looks horrible,” said Jaded in the Macworld Forums. “I have been generation hopping, so my iPhone 4 is coming up to two years old and has been promised retirement.”

An alleged leaked back plate for the next iPhone has emerged from the supply chain, and suggests that the device will be taller, with a metal back that could come in a variety of colours. It could have a 4in screen, a thinner profile, a repositioned headphone jack, a redesigned dock connector, a smaller SIM tray for the new nano-SIM, and enhanced speaker grills.

More than 40 per cent of participants said that they will be buying one of Apple’s next computers, with 16.1 per cent going for a MacBook Pro and 5.9 per cent waiting for a MacBook Air. One in ten (11.5 per cent) will be buying a next-generation iMac, and 6.1 per cent are keeping their fingers crossed for a new Mac Pro. A small 1.8 per cent of the participants are holding out for a Mac mini.

“We’re probably about to stump up for half a dozen iMacs at work if Apple do turn up with anti-reflective screens,” said Macworld Forum member Xhris2210. “If the new MacBooks turn out to be more (or as) powerful, in a lighter form factor with Retina displays, the temptation will be quite overwhelming,” he added.

It is expected that Apple will unveil new Macs at its Worldwide Developers Conference next week, which could include new MacBook Pros, MacBook Airs and a long awaited update to the Mac Pro.

Less than 5 per cent of participants said that they will be buying an Apple television if the company does in fact launch one. Jefferies analyst Peter Misek believes that Apple could unveil a smart TV at WWDC next week.

“Since we don’t have a TV, or at least our TV is 110in, I don’t think we’d get an iTV,” said Jaded. “We have an Apple TV and have been very impressed with it.”

In the forums, Mark Hattersley predicts that Apple’s television will be too expensive: “I can’t really see myself spending on the television. It would have to be a really good TV. I just don’t care enough about telly to spend up to £2,000 on one (which is probably what it’ll be.”

A small 2.4 per cent said that they are planning to buy the next-generation iPad when it launches, but that may be because the third-gen iPad is only a few months old. The most recent iPad rumours suggest that Apple is planning to launch a 7in iPad mini in September.

Of the 1099 participants, 6.6 per cent said that they’ll be buying more than one of the next-generation Apple products, and 1.3 per cent have decided that they can wait no longer, and will buy one of the currently available models.

A total of 19 per cent of the participants in our survey said they are happy with the Apple devices that they have for now, so probably won’t buy anything new from the company as soon as it launches.