Taobao, the Chinese equivilant of Amazon, has started to accept pre-orders for the next-generation of iPhone, dubbed the iPhone 5, and is listing the device along with purported mock-up images and technical specifications.

Orders are now being accepting by a variety of different sellers, some charging up to $1,100.

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Apple has made no official announcement regarding the next-generation iPhone, which is expected to be announced sometime later in the year. We excepct the iPhone 5 to be announed in either September or October, and on sale officially in the UK in October.

iPhone 5 with larger screen

Taobao sellers claim they plan to purhcase the iPhone in Hong Kong or the United States and bring it to mainland China.

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Although there are no official details regarding the next generation iPhone, it is widely expected to feature a quad-core processor and perhaps a slightly larger screen, there are also rumours of a smaller dock connection, liquidmetal casing, NFC wallet and all kinds of things (see: rumour roundup). The only thing anybody is really sure of is that it will run Apple's upcoming iOS 6 software