Some iPhone 5 owners have claimed that Apple’s new Lightning connector has become stuck in USB ports on Macs, chargers, accessories and cars, with some left with no choice but to take their device into the Apple Store to remove the plug.

A thread in the Apple Support Communities highlights the problem, with users suggesting a thin piece of cardboard will help remove the connector from the port.

“This is ridiculous,” writes on angry user on Apple’s forum, “No matter what I try it will not come out of my keyboard!!!”

One user wrote that they even tried using pliers to get the Lightning cable out of their keyboard, but eventually had to take they keyboard with the cable attached to the Apple Store. “The Genius gave it a good hard pull and destroyed the cable.”

Some users are suggesting that the problem is caused by “deep notches” in the Lightning cable’s USB plug, as shown in the comparison photograph above. (source: Uten44).

Let us know if you’ve experienced this problem with the iPhone 5’s Lightning cable in the comments section below.

This issue adds to the growing list of problems reported by iPhone 5 owners, including the scratch prone aluminium back plate, iOS 6 Maps inaccuracies, WiFi problems and more.

However, the issues don’t seem to have put many consumers off of the iPhone 5, with Apple selling a record breaking 5 million of the device within three days of its release.

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