iPhone 5 owners haved expressed concern about a purple fringing problem occurring in photographs taken with the device’s camera.

The issue, known as chromatic aberration, also occurs in other smartphones and digital cameras, including the iPhone 4S, but there is some debate over whether the problem is a fault in the iPhone 5, after several reports have pointed out that the purple fringing is more prominent in the latest device.

“This kind of purple halo that can be seen when pointing at bright light sources is nothing new. It exists to a degree in almost all lenses – including those used for point-and-shoot cameras and SLRs – with the more expensive kinds minimizing the effect through careful coating and alignment,” writes Matthew Panzarino for The Next Web.

This purple fringing effect is not caused by the Sapphire lens cover on the iPhone 5 as many have speculated, says TNW, but instead by stray light causing the effect around bright light sources.


Source: AnandTech

But, TechCrunch described the iPhone 5’s camera as ‘faulty’, and notes that, while iPhone 4S users experienced the purple fringing too, it is “far more pronounced” on the iPhone 5.

Apple has not yet commented on the issue, but Cult of Mac suggests that the increased fringing could be due to Apple’s decision to change the noise on photos from speckles to smearing, and describes the problem as a “major iPhone 5 camera issue.”

Have you experienced purple fringing with your iPhone 5’s camera? Let us know your thoughts about the issue in the comments section below.

iPhone 5 owners have also pointed out several other problems with the new device, including a scratch prone aluminium back plate, a sticky Lightning connector, iOS 6 Maps inaccuracies and WiFi problems.

However, the issues don’t seem to have put many consumers off of the iPhone 5, with Apple selling a record breaking 5 million of the device within three days of its release.

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