Following its launch on Friday, the iPhone 5 is now in the hands of millions, and, inevitably, reports are emerging of issues and faults with Apple’s newest handset.

Wot no Wi-Fi?  

A 23-page thread in Apple's forum discusses an issue with WiFi on the iPhone 5. One Apple forum poster claims that an AppleCare representative has told them that Apple is aware of the issue, but has not yet come up with a fix. According to that post: “I asked if it was hardware or software related and she said the WPA2 issue seems to be software based and the non-connecting issue may be hardware based, but that they are still trying to identify the cause.”

Users have determined that the problem arises when connecting to WPA2 encrypted Wi-Fi routers, writes MacRumors. The solution appears to be moving to a less secure WEP encryption.I had already tried resetting it without resolving the problem, but I decided to change the security from WPA/WPA 2 Personal to WPA 2 Personal and it seems to have made an improvement” according to one post in the Apple Support Communities.

Scratched iPhones

On Friday we reported claims that the black iPhone 5 is easy to scratch. It is claimed that the black slate covering wears off easily, making the model look scratched or scuffed.

Now, reports are claiming that some new iPhones are turning up scratched. Customers took to Twitter to report that some iPhone 5 models were cosmetically damaged straight out of the box. The reports claim scuffs and other defects are apparent on the anodized coatings on the metal band surrounding the phone, reports Electronista.

iFixit, who have already published their tear down of the iPhone 5, has run it's own set of scratch tests that appear to suggest that the new phone's metal is more easily damaged by keys and coins. Here is a video of iFixIt’s scratch test.

Yellow iPhone screen

There are also iPhone 5 users reporting a yellow tint on the iPhone 5 screen on the Apple Support communities. However, yellow tinted displays are a recurring phenomenon, notes Redmond Pie. The yellow tint is caused by the glue beneath the display not having fully dried, it isn't a permanent issue, and the yellow tint will disappear when the glue dries out.

iPhone 5 Build quality

One blogger claims that he was disappointed with his new iPhoen 5 when he noticed that the faces of the iPhone didn’t line up. “Upon looking at both faces, it looks like the back of the iPhone is flush with the side chamfers, but the front glass actually juts out slightly, but my a noticeable millimeter or so,” writes Fayez Mohamood.

Is Tim Cook to blame?

This handful of issues, coupled with the fiasco that was Apple’s role out of its own Maps application to replace Google Maps, has lead some to speculate that Apple’s CEO Tim Cook is a poor substitute to Apple’s late CEO Steve Jobs.

It may be unfair to suggest that Jobs wouldn’t have allowed issues to emerge with the new iPhone and the new version of iOS 6. Jobs did allow the release of substandard MobileMe, so he doesn’t exactly have a flawless record for flawless launches. However, Jobs was famous for driving his team to achieve great things, and it could be the ruthless rule that would have left designers in fear of their jobs that is missing from today’s Apple.

Reuters suggests that Apple is missing “Jobs' obsessive perfectionism and attention to user experience”.

However, Cook does bring something to Apple that perhaps Jobs didn’t have. According to Reuters, the launch of the iPhone 5 has proved that Cook is a great leader for Apple. The speed of the global launch has astounded analysts and investors, validating Cook’s expertise at managing a supply chain. As we wrote last week, analysts have been impressed by Apple’s plans for a fast role out of the new iPhone. As Barclays analyst Ben Reitzes said: “We are positively surprised regarding the pace of the rollout, since we had expected a bigger impact from component constraints.”

Raymond Miles, a professor at University of California, Berkeley, told Reuters: “His [Cook’s] skills fit the time period and the flow of product,” noting that Apple may need “someone with a production vision.”

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