The iPhone 5 was briefly listed on the Vodafone website this weekend, only to disappear as quickly and mysteriously as it had appeared.

The Vodafone website had listed the iPhone 5 as being compatible with the Vodafone Sure Signal, a femtocell device, though references to the next-generation iPhone 5 were quickly removed from the page.

However, the references were there for long enough to be spotted by Apple Insider, which noted that there was a white and black version listed on the site, and that both came in two capacities - 16GB and 32GB.

iPhone 4 inventory low, iPhone nano and other iPhone 5 reports

The Apple rumour mill is gearing up for an October launch for the iPhone 5, which unlike the iPhone 4 is expected to have a metal rather than glass back, a curved rather than square edge and an 8MP camera rather than the previous version's 5MP snapper.

Despite the fact that the listings on the Vodafone site could have been a mistake, based on no solid information, can we now rule out a 64GB capacity model of the iPhone 5 as well?